Gift culture and gift economy are re-emerging in our rapidly transforming world. Many people and communities are experimenting with beautiful new forms of gifting, sharing economy, and abundance. We would like to share some links of ideas and projects here that we hope will inspire you…

A beautiful video about Gift Circles

Alpha Lo, the creator of the Gift Circle, discussing how gift circles work

Genevieve Vaughan’s work

Nipun Mehta’s work – An online magazine about sharing

Ouishare – A website for sharing and collaboration

Timebanks USA

Zumbara – Time banking in Turkey

Burning Man – A gift culture event

Money and Life – A film by Katie Teague

Living without Money – A film by Line Halvorsen

Freecycle – A free gifting platform

Kindista – A gift sharing platform

Reclaiming the Gift Culture – A booklet exploring the gift culture, edited by Shikshantar

Tamera Summer University – A gift economy experiment

An 11-Year Old Create Community with Gifting

Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein…

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