Our Hosts 2016

This year, Giftival is very fortunate to be hosted by our dear friends at Instituto Elos in Santos, Brazil. Elos is an organization focused on designing and carrying out strategies that help us build together the best of all worlds. They make this happen by creating and undertaking their own projects and by putting they’re experience at the service of companies, governments, organizations, communities, and young people. Instituto Elos has been designing and running many programs in Brazil and beyond for nearly 20 years. Their cornerstone project is Warriors Without Weapons, a 30-day experience for young entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The program offers a number of tools that facilitate collective decision-making and implementation of projects in communities in a rich and challenging cultural and social environment. Learn more about Elos on their website or by downloading this beautiful presentation.

espaco-elos-01We will be gathering at Espaço Elos, a beautiful piece of land located in the center of São Vicente, in an vast area of Atlantic Forest in Morro da Nova Cintra. The property was recently acquired by the organization and it is Elos’ dream to eventually run their many programs and operations from  Espaço Elos. It is a place where we can experience the qualities of the five natural elements: earth, water, fire, air and nhanderekó (a term meaning “in its place”). Here we can also allow the connection to our inner nature, opening to live abundance as the place is a living reflection of these relationships. The Elos team says, “This is where we invite people from different places in the world to share and build references a vision of abundance on the planet today.”

We will be staying at CEFAS (Centro de Formação para o Apostolado de Santos), a retreat center in the city of Santos. For years, CEFAS has been used for lodging and as a principal gathering space for the Warriors Without Weapons program. CEFAS is a simple place, surrounded by trees and hills, with many neighboring communities within walking distance. It has a central patio, 80+ beds in twin/triple rooms and various outdoor meeting and gathering spaces. In it simplicity and spacious set up, this facility is a place that we can make into the home we want to co-create as a community. If you’re coming to Giftival, here’s a useful document from Elos about what to expect.

If you need a visa to enter Brazil, please begin the process immediately as it is not as simple as it used to be.