We envision organizing ourselves and coming together in gift economy. We invite you “to offer what you can and ask for what you need” to participate and to enable others to participate. There’s no participation fee and yet there are resources needed to gather our tribe. We feel that we have what we need within our circle. So we invite you to practice generosity if you feel strongly this gathering needs to happen.

If you would like to contribute to our gift pot to enable other to come and join us or if you need financial support to participate, please let us know.

The hosts will keep an open and transparent account of the gift flows for GIFTIVAL.

Ongoing crowd-funding campaigns help our attendees afford the cost of travel and lodging. Here are some ways you can donate to the effort:

Marie’s Fundraising page

Lina’s Fundraising Page:

Aerin and Yeyo’s Fundraising Page:

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