come play – 2013

If this isn’t the most exciting time in human history, when is it?

There is a fundamental shift going on in our world. At this very significant shift of times, we are both witnessing and participating in the co-creation of a new human culture on Earth. A very core piece to this emergence is the gift consciousness – a shift to abundance perspective and deeper sense of security that comes with interconnectedness.

Engaging in the gift culture transforms our self and world understanding by reminding us that we are being given gifts all the time from many known and unknown sources. It graciously invites us back into our sacred role as active gift-givers – from homo economicus  to homo giftus . We are able to recognize and re-value our own gifts as well as those others in our own terms. This is critical for de-institutionalizing our lives and our communities – to moving beyond Experts, Money, Technology, Nation-states, Rights for defining our identity and purpose in life – and for re-asserting our dignity as diverse co-creators of learning and life.

Some of the questions we are holding are…

  • How have we been inspired by the gift culture?

  • What are the different traditions of the gift culture around the world?

  • What are the possibilities of the gift culture for these significant times?

  • How can we bring the gift culture practically into our lives, communities, organizations?

  • How can we liberate ourselves and others to offer our/their gifts to the world?

The time and place is perfect.


Istanbul has seen one of the biggest uprising in Turkish history since the end of May 2013: People tired of corrupt management of public spaces and reckless abuse of land came together to protect a public park in the heart of Istanbul. During and after Gezi Park Occupation, an incredible spirit of solidarity, sharing, gifting filled the streets, the parks, the homes everywhere. Understanding that global market economy and corrupt politics feed one another, people are choosing to practice gift economy. Some neighborhood forums are organizing money-free markets and gift circles and these practices are spreading fast! yes, one cannot stop an idea whose time has come!

YOU are invited because you have been feeling, imagining, envisioning, creating, collaborating, practicing, prototyping to bring in the new economic and monetary principles, ways of being and doing, values and practices of the GIFT paradigm to y/our local communities and world at large.

We are sensing that it is a crucial time to bring together visionaries and practitioners of the Gift in a peer-to-peer, playful, collective inquiry to share our ideas, experiments, practices and burning questions. We envision activating our collective intelligence & heart by being in this inquiry and celebration together.

What if we deeply listened and inquired into, lived and practiced and celebrated the emerging gift consciousness in a playful and co-creative way?

The journey will also enable us to understand gift culture in Turkey (Anatolia), get inspired by and learn from local gift practices and stories.The first and only time bank in Turkey, Zumbara, will guide us through different projects in Istanbul to deepen our inquiry.


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